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These testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.


I recently had the privilege of being represented by Cary during my divorce proceedings and feel compelled to share my exceptional experience. From the moment I reached out with an urgent and complex situation, Cary's response was incredibly swift, getting back to me within just a few hours. This level of responsiveness was a constant throughout our entire interaction, making an inherently stressful process feel much more manageable.

Cary possesses a remarkable ability to make one feel completely secure and informed at every juncture. His guidance is not only thorough but also considerate, taking into account the nuances of the opposing counsel's arguments and counter-responses. It's clear that Cary's priority is to provide solid, well-thought-out counsel that aligns with his client's best interests.

The combination of Cary's quick response times, his consistent availability, and his strategic approach to legal counsel truly sets him apart. He not only listens but acts with conviction and professionalism, ensuring that you're well-prepared for each step of the legal process.

For anyone navigating the complexities of divorce, I cannot recommend Cary highly enough. His expertise, attentiveness, and ability to n
avigate complicated legal matters with ease are invaluable. Thank you, Cary, for not just being an outstanding lawyer, but a dependable advocate during one of the most challenging times of my life.

-Stacy S.


Cary took over my case that a previous attorney had turned into a nightmare!
He was able to resolve and successfully execute my desired outcome for the case.
A true professional and a gentleman. I would highly recommend Cary's service to whomever is in need.

-Mikey H.


Cary is very professional and possesses all of the knowledge it took to support me legally while going through my divorce. I went through a challenging divorce and Cary had the drive and dedication to resolve the contentious issues as they came up.



I approached Cary with a unique situation involving a cherished companion animal. Cary not only responded to my initial outreach message within minutes but also provided details as to what I could expect from the process. He handled my case with transparency and professionalism.

-Natalia H.


I found myself very impressed by the compassion and thoughtfulness Mr. Schneider showed in dealing with all members of our family, including our two young children, when some of the more unpalatable and distressing aspects of the events that brought about the end of our marriage came to light in the media. We found Mr. Schneider to be of consummate professionalism and in possession of all the skills we could possibly desire such that he was able to bring about the most minimally damaging and financially advantageous end to our marriage possible.



I recommend Cary for putting together a Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directive. I had been putting it off for some time because I thought it would be a pain to do, but Cary made the process seamless, explained all the language I did not understand and guided me through the entire process. He responds quickly and took care of business in a professional manner.

-Elizabeth N. 


I cannot recommend Cary strongly enough. He helped navigate me through the Kafkaesque divorce process in San Francisco courts. He was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, and went out of his way to ensure my matter was addressed by the court in a timely fashion. I'd definitely use him again if the need arises.

-Andrew H.


It's very rare to find a responsive, competent and very honest attorney and Cary is definitely one of them. I had a really urgent matter that needed immediate attention. A friend of mine recommended Cary. We connected on Friday afternoon and were prepared to take an action on Monday morning. He set his plans aside and put my case as priority by working over the weekend and ensuring we get it done. Cary is going to be my go-to attorney for all matters, not only related to custody issue that I had to deal with. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Cary.
-Natalya A.


I was so scared when the mother of my son filed for full custody. Cary reassured me, the whole time and even fought the restraining order that was filed against me!  In the end, I got a very fair child support order and maintained legal/physical custody of my son!  Cary changed my life!

-Roberto S.


Professional, reliable, easy to communicate with and very focused to achieve our goals. Lovely staff in his office too. Very lucky he was suggested to me and that he was able to take my case.

-Erica E.


Cary is really attentive of his clients and very knowledgeable of the system. It's clear he is capable of navigating the system for the best resolution. I was very happy with his services. The whole time I felt like I had a partner and advisor and the best possible outcome was achieved. 100,000% recommend. It's hard to find a lawyer so attentive to client concerns and available to field questions. Really eased my mind. 


-Kyle B.


First of all, let me say that i am not a person who typically writes reviews. I have written about 3 of them in my life and in all cases it was because the product or service was so exceptional, that I was moved to share my experience with others. This is definitely the case with Cary. He is extremely trustworthy and he LISTENS to his clients. This quality was especially important to me as I definitely challenged Cary with my "conscious uncoupling" approach to the dissolution of my marriage and my adherence to values such as transparency, trust, compassion and kindness. These were all qualities that Cary had to carefully balance and mitigate as he guided me towards solutions that were sustainable for me and my son in the future. He was my advocate, my sounding board and my trusted advisor. His legal knowledge is vast and his experience was extremely valuable throughout the process of mediation and creating the settlement agreement. Cary attended my mediation sessions to act on my behalf--making sure I did not break or bend when the pressure to concede would not be to my benefit. I am eternally grateful for his ability to "sense and respond" in a way that was in line with my core values, yet with firmness and with wisdom. He is professional, courteous, responsive and will work extremely hard in your behalf. With Cary (and my mediator) in my corner, I reached a settlement in under a year and for a very reasonable fee.

-Vanessa K.


Cary helped me tremendously with my case for the dissolution of my marriage. He's professional and knowledgeable, but also sensitive to your case. I never had a problem reaching him, and he replied quickly. I would recommend him for your legal needs. I'm hoping to not need his help again - but if I do, I know who to call.

-Cindy D.

Cary is a great lawyer. He is easy to get a hold of and answers all your questions in a timely manner. He fought hard and was very knowledgeable during my struggle with a domestic case and divorce proceeding. I was very pleased with the outcome and the speedy manner everything was settled in my favor. He fights for his clients and is a great lawyer to have on your side. I would definitely use him again in future legal matters.

Cary Schneider is the man. I was fighting a DV restraining order filed by me Ex-girlfriend. It was a very messy situation to say the least. There were many different factors to the case (i.e property, custody of my dog, as well a false acquisitions of physical violence). I attained Cary as my lawyer just a week before my court date, and as soon as I called him he went right to work. He was in constant contact with me, keeping me updated, and working his ass off to get me my property returned and the case dropped. Unfortunately despite his many attempts the case went to court. Cary made sure to get all the facts about the case and prepared all the documents, and helped walk me through what was going to happen in court. The day of the trial he met me at the court house early to go over everything one last time. The trial ended up taking 6 hours of back and fourth questioning, and cross examination between me and my ex. While he was questioning her he was able to ask her the right questions to catch her in her lies. I cannot express how relieved I was. My reputation, as well as my personal property was at stake and Cary was my greatest asset. After Cary was able to uncover that she was lying I knew we had won. The DV restraining order was dropped, and I was able to get all my property and compensation for split items that me and my ex shared. I cannot express how grateful I am to have retained Cary as my lawyer. He is very professional, and was a great source of moral support and comfort for me during this traumatic process. I would recommend Cary to anyone who is in need, and I can assure you he will do everything in his power to help. Horrible time in my life, and I honestly don't know what the turn out would have been with any other attorney.
-Robert B.

Cary Schneider did a great job pertaining to my divorce proceeding which involved domestic violence and other complicated divorce matters. He was knowledgeable, understanding, and hardworking.

I highly recommend Cary Schneider and his law firm.
-Mike R.

I emphatically recommend Cary Schneider, a San Francisco based Lawyer, if you are in need of legal counsel / advice. He possesses a savvy legal mind, is driven to achieve his client's goals, is very professional, and is a patient teacher of process and your legal rights. Cary was instrumental in my legal situation and am confident that you too can have a great experience if you reach out to Cary for legal counsel.

I found myself at the behest of a greedy landlord who sought to pressure me to leave my rented premise, threatened eviction, which I had under lease, so they could capture on the generous rental market of 2015 San Francisco.

Cary quickly came up to speed on my situation, explained to me how I was actually on very strong ground to fight my landlord, and taught me the landlord / rental market and my legal rights in San Francisco. Not only did he position my case to protect my legal rights, he went steps further to establish legal / process transactions which would further protect me in the future should my landlord attempt to harass me in the future.

Cary quickly drafted a letter to my landlord explaining my standing as a tenant, my landlords legal rights to the premise and acknowledgment of the legal violations my landlord was conducting. Further, he explained the steps we would take if my landlord continued. My landlord's lawyer quickly sent me a notice retracting all conduct / eviction process. My relationship with my landlord has been superb ever since I established counsel with Cary Schneider.
-Ben R.

Cary is an awesome lawyer and I suggest him to any one looking for an expert in tenant laws! I needed help and was so confused with the complexity of San Francisco renter right laws. He was my go to for everything related to my upsetting situation. Besides informing me of my rights as a tenant he also drafted my lease and gave me direction to make what could have been chaotic into a streamlined and easy process. Thanks so much Cary!
-Annika H.

Cary helped me get full custody of my daughter, he is awesome! I trust him to handle my future legal matters.
-Donna K.

I called Cary with questions regarding subtenant and sublease agreements. He was easy to get in touch with, responsive, and kept me informed throughout the process. Cary was incredibly helpful and I'd absolutely recommend him to anyone needing legal help!
-Alanna B.

Carys did an excellent job handling my SF tenant rights case. My building was up for sale and as a renter in a rent controlled property I didn't know my full rights or SF laws to protect myself.

The new buyer was pressuring us to make a decision on a buyout, the current owner wanted documents signed and Cary was instrumental in navigating me through these stressful waters. He handled the communication, kept me informed along the way, reviewed all contracts, negotiated a successful deal, and ultimately lead to a happy settlement.

He took the time to fully listen to my situation, asked great questions, and explored options I hadn't even thought of. I learned a lot through the process from what new buyers can and can't do, the Ellis Act, and SF renters board resources.

With his real world experience, resources, and network of professionals, Cary is someone to have on your side. I felt comfortable along the way and his fees are fare and worth it. Thank you!
-Cameron C.

Cary Schneider is a life saver. My roommate and I were having issues with our landlord about subletting our third bedroom when our third roommate moved out. He was very professional, prompt, and helpful in explaining our "rights" as tenants, and he even contacted our management company himself so we wouldn't have to deal with them bullying us. He had our entire situation resolved in 24 hours, and he drafted up sublet and release agreements between the new girl moving in and my roommate who was moving out. I would highly recommend Cary to anyone who needs legal advice on tenant rights, issues with landlords, and lease agreements.
-Rachel S.

Cary is THE BEST. We are in a very unfortunate situation with our landlord where he is attempting to kick us out to remodel our place, and we unfortunately have little to no knowledge of tenant rights in this crazy city. Thank God we have Cary, who is doing a great job at explaining our rights to us, letting us know all our options, and dealing with the entire mess for us. Such a life saver.

I would highly recommend Cary to anyone looking for a great lawyer!!
-Christine S.

Cary is the BEST!!! He was a huge help with a rental dispute in Tahoe. He fixed everything within 48 hours. I was amazed at how on top of it he was. Everything was done in a timely manner and he was very professional. He was also able to get us a small discount for the inconvenience, I will recommend Cary to anyone that is in need of a lawyer and I will use him for everything in the future!
-Alex S.

I cannot thank Cary Schneider enough for the many legal ways he has helped my friends and I! From divorce, to parking and speeding tickets, to sublease agreements and tenant rights! He is professional, efficient and friendly. He helps you understand tricky legal situations, answering any questions you may have, without making you feel stupid for not understanding. If you are in the Marin County area, I highly suggest you call him if you need any legal help. I don't know what I would do without his expertise!
-Ally L.

Cary has been a huge help to my roommates and I. He interacts in a professional, prompt manner, is clearly very knowledgeable, and was eager to assist in any way we desired. I am not familiar with tenant law AT ALL, and found the SF tenants union website a little overwhelming to navigate. Cary explained our rights in a way that I could understand and responded to my emails/calls within 24-hours. Without hesitation, I will refer friends and family to Cary from now on. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
-Amy F.

I came home from an extended work trip only to find a very unfortunate situation involving a threatening eviction letter from my landlord. I had no idea what to do. My lease, actions, truth, and intentions all pointed to the fact that my landlord was out of line but it left me hopeless and forced me to seek out all options including legal advice. I went to the San Francisco Rent Board and, as they were very informative and helpful, I realized that it was at a dead end. I needed more professional guidance. With a ton of deadlines counting down to an eviction, I needed solid, helpful, professional advice. I typically use Yelp, like a good friend, to be helpful in finding great new trivial things like restaurants and beauty services but I was hesitant to use it as a tool to find legal advice. Being in San Francisco, I jumped in and I found myself at a place where I just had to try "Yelp" as a resource in the landlord/eviction process. I called a few other "professionals' first but feel that I was truly lucky that Cary popped up. It was an added bonus was that Cary was ACTUALLY on the other end of the phone, offering not only comprehensive and professional advice, but he cared about my situation and not just about a settlement. He was calm, helpful, and most importantly made me feel confident that the legal advise he gave me was trustworthy. No one wins in a situation like this but it was clear that Cary is an outstanding professional and I am truly fortunate to have found him. Thank you again Cary!
-Laura S.

I used him once on a real estate matter, and he was thorough, efficient and reasonably priced. He solved a very big problem for me.
-Joe G.

My sister & I retained Cary to handle the return of a security deposit associated with a rental agreement. The company had neglected to return our deposit without good cause and we felt at a loss and taken advantage of. We knew it wasn't right, but didn't know how to approach the situation. As it turned out, we were unaware of our full rights - Cary was so helpful in clearly explaining and identifying them to us. Not only had they refused to return our deposit without good cause as agreed upon in our contract, but they had not returned it in the time period required by California law.

Thanks to Cary and his extensive knowledge & professionalism, we were able to retrieve our deposit in a timely manner & with great cooperation from the owner. Cary is extremely competent and we highly recommend him!
-Fran M.

Cary Schneider along with his father Barry, are both very competent attorneys that are representing me in my divorce. Cary has been professional, supportive, and compassionate throughout this entire process. He is very knowledgeable, communicates regularly, and has been available when needed. I would highly recommend Mr. Cary Schneider to anyone looking for a skilled and dedicated attorney.
-Dani B.

I highly recommend Cary Schneider. I was going through the most emotional and personal type of legal situation I would have never imagined having to experience. He was professional, quick with his responses (to call backs, replies to opposing attorney, & filing with the court), and extremely knowledgeable about the legal system (and willing to explain things clearly and patiently). All things that you want from a good attorney. On top of that he was extremely supportive. Prior to contacting Cary I felt completely alone and scared about all of the possible outcomes of my legal situation. Cary's professional yet friendly demeanor helped put me at ease when things got tense. I felt like I had a solid partner by my side through it all. I can't say enough about what a positive experience I had. He literally helped save my family's future. Thank you a million times. Thank you!
-Maricela G

I highly recommend Cary Schneider for a variety of legal issues ranging from practical matters such as business formation/dissolution, wills and trusts, and name changes to more complex cases involving family law, tenant/landlord issues, and traffic violations. Cary is professional, competent, hardworking, and overall a great lawyer to have on your side! Most recently, he helped with a traffic violation and successfully prevented me from getting a moving violation point on my driving record. I've also referred family and friends to Cary for a variety of legal issues and heard nothing but good news from them. I certainly will be using him for any legal issues in the future, and recommend you do as well!

Thank you for all your hard work and help Cary, I couldn't have done it without you!
-Derek R.

I was involved in an accident a few months ago and it was a complete nightmare. Not only were my injuries very serious but so was everything else I was dealing with (ie medical bills, work etc.). I turned to Cary for legal help, since I knew he would take care of everything for me- like it was his own personal case he was fighting. He has been tremendously organized and on top of my case! I'm very lucky to have him as my personal injury lawyer and I know I will be satisfied with the way my case turns out.
-Ashley L.

Cary helped me a resolve an issue with a web design client who would pay after a project was completed. I had tried repeatedly to get a response for the client with no luck and after contacting Cary, he was able to get the issue resolved immediately.

I highly recommend Cary to anyone who needs help navigating the legal system!
-Matt M.

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